Platform for Agricultural Lending & Insurance

Evaluate the creditworthiness of farm borrowers.

Risk management with satellite technology and machine learning.


How does it work?

Modern agriculture is filled with big data that is rarely used. Combining predictive analytics and precision agriculture, the system converts field data into actionable insights.

WizeRise is all about finding valuable patterns during the loan application process and helping risk officers make better and more precise decisions without leaving the office.

A synergy of 3:
A synergy of 3:

WizeRise simplifies and boosts agricultural finance growth

Automated loan management
Credit scoring with AI
Monitoring crop areas
Full historical field data
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Neural networks in scoring
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Plant disease predictions
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Yield predictions
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Insurance for small and medium farming

Credit risk analysis for
agricultural lending

The key to lending is collecting detailed information on potential borrowers and monitoring them closely. Information is vital for assessing and managing risk. By using WizeRise, bank experts can simplify information-gathering and streamline data processing.
  • Identification - a detailed farmer portrait
  • Field analysis with satellites
  • Monitoring the vegetation process
  • Calculating field yield ratio
  • Evaluating field yield based on historical data

Benefits for: banks and farmers

  • Automated scoring system
  • Risk control at all stages of agricultural activities
  • Providing additional services to customers
  • Minimum bank staff
  • Application processing from home
  • Information support
  • Financial services marketplace
  • Free platform for precision agriculture

WizeRise is a synergy of 3 solutions

A platform for precision agriculture
A solution that collects all possible information about fields using satellites and machine learning. Our algorithms monitor data in real time to make farming easier for everyone.
Lending software for banks
Automate business lending processes - from the application and preparation of documents to data verification, issuance, and repayments. A loan management system for corporate and retail lending.
AI-powered credit scoring
A platform that automatically builds scoring models and analyzes credit risk. Evaluate farmers by the criteria that is important to your business in a matter of minutes — not weeks.

The agricultural (r)evolution in farm lending

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